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The First Twenty

October 15, 2008

I love this picture and what it represents. I know it’s not the best quality here, but I think you’ll appreciate what it is.

Our church has a desire to focus on just a couple of countries in the world in order to have the greatest impact possible. We have a vision to partner with others and to see a country changed. God laid part of that vision on the heart of a man named Mike Pierce. Mike traveled with our church to Burkina back in July of this year. We knew we wanted to do water wells and that there is a need. But God placed a burden on this man’s heart to take it up to supernatural levels.

The vision is to put 1,000 wells in Burkina Faso.

I’ll tell you how Mike plans to do his part in another post.

According to the U.N., Burkina Faso is the third poorest country in the world, and according to National Geographic has the highest rate of illiteracy. There are several ways that we want to have a hand in impacting the infrastructure and carrying the gospel forward. One of them is water.

Carrying a part in a vision larger than yourself is what the Christian life should be about. If I can accomplish in my own power everything on my to do list, I’ve left God out. I don’t want to do that in any area of my life.

At West Ridge, when people are obedient, when there’s money to spent in Missions, this one of the places it goes. It goes to people in a part of the world that could not do this on their own. It goes to people who need to see and hear the kingdom of Jesus Christ in action. It goes to people that need a Savior.

This list is the first twenty of those one thousand wells. It was created by a group of Pastors at a meeting back in August. It’s just the beginning.

Everyone Belongs,