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You could just tell (People matter)

February 16, 2009

In a church of 4,000 people, only God knows the number of hurts that walk in the door. It’s easy to be anonymous in a big church. Most believers treat Sunday morning like a vacation. It doesn’t matter what time we get there, and when we do, it’s all for us. That tends to create a problem for the person who walks in off the street and has a felt need right that moment. Who reaches out? Who breaks from the fellowship long enough to pray with someone? At least the Pastors and staff are there, and surely none of them have arrived just to make sure they are in the right social graces.

Wait a minute! People just walk in off the street! Is our church designed for this?

4,000 people, and every week I ask for just one. A few weeks back now; he came in. He was picking up literature from our new ‘firedog’ information center (long story). He was about 6ft. 3in, African American, and the look on his face said, ‘Help’. How many people passed him? Who is supposed to talk to him? Don’t we have a host team for this?

Looking through the information we had available (I think it involved women’s Bible studies) I approached. A couple words of greeting, and scales came off his face. Someone was speaking to him. In this moment, I’m not a Pastor, He’s not in the ‘in-crowd’, I’m just one anglo 6 inches too short for face to face conversation. I’m a Christ-follower. I’m the hands and feet. I’m a priest.

He had been living in his car. He hadn’t eaten in two days. He’s not from around here. He just thought here, someone would talk to him, help him, listen to him.

His story takes a different form every single week. More examples to come.

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